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Our Approach at Redpath Strategies 

Our approach at Redpath Strategies is a practical, value added, “outside the box” thinking and not based on “Flavour of the Month” methodology. Creating sustainable operational excellence is hard work that requires, creativity, tenacity and a deep understanding of operational processes all under a servant leadership approach.

This is a journey that should identify where your costs can be improved in your processes, how they can be improved or eliminated, what the benefit is and one that helps demonstrate increased competitiveness.

We believe that success lies in setting achievable targets, properly preparing the organization, diligently measuring results and top leadership enabling the team until exceptional performance becomes a habit.

Initiatives from the production floor to the boardroom need to be linked to company strategy and the leadership should be focused on the long-term sustainable success.

We are plant manufacturing & operational excellence specialists with a Food Processing focus. Our record includes, strategic planning, problem solving with teams, improving efficiencies, reduction of the 8 streams of waste, enhanced maturity of operation teams through a servant leadership approach, all focused on improving your bottom line. Extensive experience in Dairy, Bakery Ingredients, Snack Foods, High and Low Acid Beverages. We have exposure to operating in highly regulated and quality certified environments. 

Our Principal, Gavin Johnston has over 14 years of operations management and operational excellence experience. Competing each year in Ironman triathlons he knows how important endurance is to any operation striving for measurable success. 


-Gavin W Johnson, Principal

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can enable your operation for further success. 

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